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Yacht tourism in the world

The total capacity of marinas and yacht toursizm in the world ties in the Mediterranean bowl is 400 thousand. Turkey's Mediterranean yacht mooring capacity represents only 4.1 percent of the total capacity of the bowl reputation. On the other hand, yacht tourism is one of the fastest growing tourism types in the world. Parallel to the developing world economy, amateur yachting, which was once the hobby of luxury, has reached levels that will penetrate the middle class in developed countries. In addition, the use of yacht tourism products with the opportunities offered by yacht charter companies is no longer considered a luxury.

Competitor countries is accelerating the investment Yacht binding capacity of Turkey's Mediterranean dish in the share of 4.1 percent and worldwide at 0.5 percent was around, tourism in our rival countries with large projects in an effort to increase the marina capacities and their shares. These projects are expected to further decline in the coming years, the share of Turkey's yacht tourism occurs. Italy, which has a capacity of 85,000 yachts and a maritime yacht in the Mediterranean basin with a capacity to accommodate yachts in the 4th position, has adopted a special law for new projects. This law allows local authorities to cooperate with the central government in marina projects. A new company called Italia Navigando was created for new marina projects. With all these arrangements, Italy is aiming to add 60 marinas with a capacity of 200,000 yachts to the existing yacht mooring capacity until 2014.