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Materials Used in Yacht Production

It is easier to form and apply on the aluminum material. For this reason, it is frequently used in the manufacture of parts of the vessels which are not very large and fast except for both the body and the body. Today, with the help of a special material called Triclad on steel-bodied yachts, it is quite a common technique to assemble aluminum superstructures by means of special techniques. Thus, by pulling down the center of weight of the boat and expanding the usage volume, the boat is both lighter and more stable. In the manufacturing process, aluminum material can be made twice as fast as steel material and thus shortens the manufacturing time of this boat. Along with the advantages we provide, it is very costly compared to aluminum steel material and has longer lead times. Aluminum yachts, on the other hand, are more difficult to repair in case of possible damage. In addition, aluminum welding is a source of argon for welding technology Composite Boats: Short material known as GRP (English: Glass Reinforced Plastic; Turkish: Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastic) is the most commonly used material among other composite materials. This material is formed by placing fibers such as glass or carbon in a polymer such as polyester. Since fibers or other resins are not alone resistant to changes in marine conditions, they are combined to form a single composite material. Although GRP is widely used in yacht manufacturing, it can cause damage and deflection at any point on the hull of the hull, because it is not homogeneous in every point of the hull.

Wooden Boats: Wood is the oldest material used in the manufacture of conventional boat hulls. Wood material is used in the production of gulets with more laminated systems. Besides, it is used as carcass and coating during the production of interior of all boats. The applications of mold and wooden hull production are mostly ideal for small yachts, but they cause a lot of problems on larger boats. Wooden vessels of larger size can be produced with epoxy and composite materials and produced using different manufacturing techniques.and is harder to weld than steel.