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Using Toilet in Sailing Boats

Plan a cruise according to your Toilet tank Toilet waste is also one of the wastes that should not be left on the shore for sailing boats. I also think that you will not want to swim after leaving your mess in the beautiful beauty coves where you are sailing with a sailing boat. That's why toilet waste in sailboats is stored in tanks that we call black water. But these toilet tanks cannot have enough capacity to store liters of water. Dimensions for sailings range from 40 to 60 liters. That's why they fill up in a very short time. If you plan to stay anchored in a bay for three days, it is possible that the toilet is filled with black waste water tank. Give priority to ladies For this reason, sailing boats should be given priority for the use of sailboats during the summer and during their use or during the holidays. If the ladies have not been informed about the boat toilet, we should explain to them that they use as little water as possible during toilet use. In addition, if the long-term open sea course will not be done and if the bays are planned to use the toilet usage schedule. There are no warning light systems on the black sludge tank that indicate and indicate the level of the black tank. So it should be paid attention. Do not throw toilet paper in sails, toilet paper

In addition, toilet paper, towel paper and various hygienic products should not be disposed of in the sailboat toilet. Even inside the boat toilet there are electric signs. Because of this simple detail, many holidaymakers cannot use boat toilets during their sailing holidays. This warning should be made to the crew as soon as they are in the boat, and firstly, a bag or garbage should be placed in the bath for waste. Use with care During cruising, boat toilets are quite narrow and can be problematic in undulating weather. That's why we should hold on tight and recommend not to use men's toilet in terms of hygiene. Sitting will be the most healthy and clean solution. 12 miles offshore can be emptied