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Boat Shoes

If you are planning a vacation by renting a sailing boat, there are some small details to consider. Choosing your team well may seem like a little detail, but you can make the worst holiday of your life as a result of wrong team selection. With the right team selection, your life may be one of your unforgettable holidays. Shoe not worn out on deck In addition, due to the possibility of stone penetration into the pores of the rubber-based or sports shoes you wear outside, you will draw the gelcoat surfaces on the boat. For this reason, a special wardrobe should be used for the boat.

Use private shoe for sailing boat The biggest mistake of sailing users is to walk on deck and inside with socks. Wearing socks is the biggest and most slippery mistake for sailboats. When you walk with socks, the possibility of wrist buckling as a result of sliding. The biggest danger after the sock is to walk with the wet feet, and the wet foot must be pressed on non-slip gelcoat surfaces while working.On the sailing boat, sail shoes should be worn for boats. The most important feature of them should be soft-based and grip the boat deck with its non-slip bottom base. This allows you to move more safely on the deck on the sail. Traveling without shoes on the boat is an invitation for small finger injuries. The protrusions on the deck most often strike the little finger of the foot when walking. So you should walk carefully and not run on the deck unless necessary.